About South Mountain Runners

I have two sets of friends: my normal friends, and my running friends.

-- John Kerner

The South Mountain Running Collective, also known as South Mountain Runners, was established in 2009 by local runners Bill Haskins, John Parry, Paul Sinclair, and Andy Lehren. According to one story, two dads, strangers to one another, were in a Maplewood park watching their respective kids play. One complimented the marathon baseball cap the other was wearing, and the club grew out of the conversation that ensued.

South Mountain Runners is officially recognized by USA Track and Field (USATF), but is otherwise completely informal. There are no membership fees or dues and no commercial sponsors.

We are centered in the South Orange/Maplewood area of Essex County, New Jersey, USA. Membership is open to all who reside in and around this area.

Our mission is nothing other than to support one another in the practice and enjoyment of distance running. Some of us train aggressively, with a view towards excelling in marathons and ultramarathons, setting new personal records (PRs), beating rivals, winning age-group awards, or even breaking the tape. Others are far more casual. Either approach is fine; we do not proselytize. Our emphasis is on enjoyment and safety, including injury avoidance.